Dog Training

Sheep dog training
We will be offering full day sheep dog training  events in the near future. Currently, we can offer one to one training sessions at £20 an hour. Enquire here.

Pet dog livestock awareness training

Would you like to make sure your dog is trustworthy about livestock? Whether a puppy that needs careful introduction or an older dog who perhaps isn’t are reliable as you would like, talk to us about sessions to desensitise your dog to livestock and make walks in the country the relaxing outing you look forward to. Sessions start at £20 per hour per dog.

Obedience training

Bill is an experienced dog owner and handler, though there are some who would say her dogs own her! Her collies are both working dogs and  very much loved pets. Many of the skills needed to use her dogs in sheep handling tasks are the same as those you require in managing your pet dog. Ask about one to one training sessions to provide you with the tools, and help you develop the skills, to get the best from your canine companion.

Skye with a young Dusk
Off to work!
Skye cooling off after a hard session of moving sheep
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