Other Activities

Flock management
Chiltern lamb offers flock management & lambing services. This can include grazing management, worming, feet and fly strike maintenance as necessary, providing tups and supervise tupping, and undertake lambing plus any other duties required.
We can also provide support during lambing, where it doesn’t clash with our own lambing commitments.

Shepherd for a day
Chiltern Lamb is happy to offer one to one skills development for anyone wanting to take up sheep keeping or who is more generally interested in setting up a small holding that includes sheep. The day will be tailored to the needs of the individual participant, but will generally include basic stock management activities such as animal handling techniques, worming, checking feet, dagging, tagging and medicine administration; administrative issues surrounding the legal requirements of animal registration and documentation; choosing and dealing with abattoirs; moving stock using dogs and other techniques. A full day will cost £230 for an individual, £280 for a couple and £310 for three people. Call  or email to discuss your requirements.


Event and corporate catering – Spit Roast Lamb
If you are organising a corporate hospitality day, a community event or just a large family party, why not consider a whole spit lamb roast as a change from the ubiquitous hog roast.

A whole lamb will typically provide 30-40 servings for a formal dinner and 50-75 servings when served in rolls. We can supply and serve the lamb alone or we can provide a full package of accompanying salads and vegetables. Prices start from £8.50 a head. Please contact us with your requirements.

Wool and fleece supply
We have unprepared shorn fleeces for sale from Jacob, Black Welsh, Balwen and Badger Face sheep.
We also have finished fleece rugs. Please contact us for availability and prices.

Team building
Are you looking for a novel way to build team spirit and  develop communication and problem solving skills in your staff? Speak to us about spending a day, working  with the sheep and our dogs to discover new ways of tackling problems and working to achieve a common goal. Email us here

Film and TV work
Our dogs are happy to show their skills on TV or film. We can offer scene setting flock movement and penning work, and close handling activities such as worming or dagging.  Skye will happily sit on a quad bike and go for a ride and will enthusiastically dig water whether in a pond, bucket, barrel or any other container you care to mention.

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